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    The rules of this forum must be read and approved by all members.

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    English 1-89Rules Of Server...
    Dim 24 Mar - 17:33
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    In this part, there will be all the announcements / novelty with the forum and the server!

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    English 1-89WIPE for Dayz 1....
    Mer 15 Mai - 20:59
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  • The Presentations

    <center><span style="color: #000000;"><b>The Presentations</b></span></center>
    The presentation is mandatory, so we know you a little better.

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    English 1-89Presentation of ...
    Mer 10 Avr - 20:41
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  • Coffee Place

    <center><span style="color: #000000;"><b>Coffee Place</b></span></center>
    Welcome to a sweet spot, darkness is not there, but the mood is still there.

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  • Tuto

    <center><span style="color: #000000;"><b>Tuto</b></span></center>
    Do you know things that others? Do you have a lot of knowledge? Share us here!

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    English 3-20Transferring "my...
    Mer 17 Avr - 15:42
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  • Programs

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    All useful programs can be found here, be careful, no illegal software! No P2P here and no Warez on pain of ban !

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    English 3-20The CCleaner
    Mer 17 Avr - 15:25
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    Do you have any suggestions for improving the forum or the server? Come share them here!

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